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This page is image-intensive. Please allow time for thumbnails to load. Run your cursor over images to reveal the names of the Gymnosperms. Click on an image of a Gymnosperm to embiggen it. More information can be obtained by following the linked Genus or Family headers. This catalogue can also be seen as a text list of illustrations
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Family Boweniaceae - Cycads - woody xerophytes
Bowenia - sometimes placed in Stangeriaceae or Zamiaceae
Bowenia serrulata - RBG Kew

Family Cycadaceae - Cycads - woody xerophytes
Cycas revoluta - RBG Kew Cycas siamensis - RBG Kew Cycas thouarsii - RBG Kew

Family Stangeriaceae - Cycads - woody xerophytes
Stangeria - monotypic genus
Stangeria eriopus - soft-leaf forest form - RBG Kew Stangeria eriopus - hard-leaf grassland form - RBG Kew

Family Zamiaceae - Cycads - woody xerophytes
Ceratozamia hildae - RBG Kew Ceratozamia kuesteriana - RBG Kew f Ceratozamia mexicana - RBG Kew Ceratozamia miqueliana - RBG Kew Ceratozamia robusta - RBG Kew
Dioon edule - RBG Kew Dioon spinulosum - RBG Kew Dioon spinulosum - RBG Kew
Encephalartos altensteinii - RBG Kew Encephalartos arenarius - RBG Kew Encephalartos cupidus - RBG Kew Encephalartos ferox - RBG Kew Encephalartos horridus - RBG Kew Encephalartos lanatus - RBG Kew Encephalartos lehmannii - RBG Kew Encephalartos longifolius - RBG Kew Encephalartos paucidentatus - RBG Kew Encephalartos villosus - RBG Kew Encephalartos woodii - RBG Kew
Lepidozamia hopei - RBG Kew
Macrozamia communis - RBG Kew Macrozamia miquelii - RBG Kew Macrozamia moorei - RBG Kew
Microcycas - monotypic genus
Microcycas calocoma
Zamia floridana Syn. Z. integrifolia - RBG Kew Zamia furfuracea Zamia integrifolia Zamia loddigesii Zamia muricata Zamia neurophyllidia Zamia pumila Syn. Z. integrifolia - RBG Kew Zamia vasquuezii - RBG Kew
  Family: Welwitschiaceae - primitive cone-bearing plants
Welwitschia - monotypic genus
Welwitschia mirabilis - RBG Kew