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Order Zygophyllales

(Creosote Bushes)

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Larrea tridentata

The Family Zygophyllales includes two families (Zygophyllaceae and Krameriaceae) with 27 genera and around 300 species. Members of the Zygophyllales have showy flowers with typically five-parted perianths, 4 or 10 stamens, 2 - 5 fused carpels and oil or nectar glands to attract bee pollinators. Fruits are dehiscent capsules or indehiscent berries. Members of this group are typically found in dry or salty tropical or temperate habitats.
The 25 species of the Family Krameriaceae are root hemiparasites from North and South America.
The widespread Family Zygophyllaceae includes 240 species of woody plants and herbs, often resinous, including Larrea tridentata (creosote bush) which covers much of the desert of the South-Western North-America. Some clumps of Larrea tridentata that have spread vegetatively are thought to be thousands of years old.