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Melastomataceae  de Jussieu 1789

The Melastomataceae is a family about 200 genera and 4000 species of of dicotyledenous flowering herbs, shrubs and trees. Some species grow as epiphytes. Leaves are alternate and prominently veined in a palmate fashion, diverging from the leaf base and converging at its tip. Flowers are white or pink and may be single or clustered in a large cyme or panicle. The bisexual flowers have 4 - 5 sepals, that may be fused into a calyptra, and 4 - 5 petals. Stamens may be claw-like. Fruits are capsules or berries.
Cultivation of these tropical plants requires warmth. Several species of Melastomataceae have become invasive when naturalised outside their natural range e.g. Koster's curse Clidemia hirta.
Succulent genera: Medinilla

Medinilla  Gaudichaud 1830
Named for: J. de Medinilla, Governor Mariana Islands

Medinilla is a group of about 150 woody shrubs or vines with a few somewhat succulent species. Their pink or white flowers are produced in panicles. Medinilla originate from Africa, Madagascar, Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Medinilla sedifolia flowerMedinilla sedifolia

Medinilla sedifolia from Madagascar forms an attractive creeping mat of thin woody stems with quite succulent leaves and small (0.5in) bright pink flowers.
Although sometimes sold as house plants, cultivation of these tropical plants is challenging and requires humid warmth. They need bright light but are easily scorched by direct sunlight.