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  dish of pulses

The Fabales is an order of dicotyledenous flowering plants with 3 families, Caesalpiniaceae, Fabaceae (Syn. Leguminosae), Mimosaceae, collectively known as Legumes.
The Fabales includes herbs, vines and trees with stipulate compound leaves. One of the unifying characteristics is the dehiscent seed pod with seeds present in a row, sometimes in individual sections. Flowers have 10 or more stamens. Another common feature is symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which reside in special root nodules and assist the plants' growth on poor soils. Many plants within the Fabaceae are of major agricultural importance as food crops.
The Fabaceae includes several succulent caudiciform plants in the genera Cassia, Dolichos, Elephantorrhiza, Erythrina, Neorautenania and Senna.
Within the Mimosaceae, the best known member is probably the South American sensitive plant Mimosa pudica which folds it's leaves in response to a touch or heat and is widely-cultivated as a curiousity.