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Stephanotis  Petit-Thouars 1806
Name: Greek stephanotis = fit for a crown

The genus Stephanotis includes around 15 perennial climbing leafy vines with smooth ovate leaves, from tropical and subtropical climates. Flowers are heavily scented.
Members of this genus occur in China, Japan and Malaysia, Madagascar and the Caribbean. The best-known species is Stephanotis floribunda which is widely cultivated for use in floristry e.g. wedding bouquets and as a house plant.

Stephanotis floribunda

Stephanotis floribunda Brongniart 1837 (Madagascar Jasmine, Wax flower)
Syn. Marsdenia floribunda (Brongniart) Schlechter 1899
This climbing plant has long climbing stems with opposite pairs of glossy dark green leaves. Older stems become woody. The fragrant waxy white flowers have a long flower tube ending in a 5-pointed star of spread flower lobes.
Native to Madagascar. Suitable for a frost-free (45 °F) conservatory or greenhouse, although it prefers a warmer 60 °F Winter. Best grown in a large pot with a climbing frame as otherwise it will sprawl everywhere. A cool Winter is said to promote flowering.