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I'm generally happy to provide a free link on the Botanical Bookmarks page to web sites (amateur or commercial) with a cactus or succulent plant theme, providing that other unsuitable material is not being promoted. Links to other plant-related sites or relevant resources may be considered. Succulent plant-related societies are grouped on the Societies page.
I'm happy to see other sites linking to any page here, but please do not link directly to any of the individual resources such as graphics. Linking to graphics on remote sites is generally considered poor page design, slows down loading your page, and could put an excessive load on my host server. Images will change without notice and directly-linked images may be replaced with alternative material.
Commercial advertising is possible on the Succulent Plant Page and could include banners, graphics or other features promoting your cactus & succulent-related business, in exchange for a very modest annual fee which will contribute to the costs of maintaining these pages. Alternatively, I can custom design and host your own web pages at a minimal charge for societies or for a realistic fee for commercial organisations fitting into the general theme of the site.
I don't need help with web page and image editing, search engine optimisation and web site design.
Please contact webmaster to discuss how I can help you.

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