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Order Sapindales

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The Sapindales is an order of 15 families around 500 genera and 6,200 species of flowering woody plants, including bursera, cashew, citrus, frankincense, horse-chestnut, mahogany, mango, maple and myrrh. Leaves are compound or lobed. The family Sapindaceae (soapberries) is a core member of the order with about 140-150 genera including 1400-2000 species. Many species within the Sapindaceae have milky sap and produce toxic saponins.
The Order Sapindales includes important agricultural fruits crops (cashew, citrus, lychee, mango) and maple syrup is a major commodity. Others produce resins (frankincense, myrrh) or toxins e.g. saponins (horse chestnuts, soapberries.)
Succulence is not a major feature of plants in this order, but Burseraceae, Operculicaryia, and Pachycormus include pachycaul succulent trees of interest to succulentophiles.

Boswellia sacra
Boswellia sacra